Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen No. 7

Thirteen Signs That You Might Be a Bass Fisherman
In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be a Redneck If..." I offer up these thirteen signs that you might be a bass fisherman if...
1. You own more fishing rods than clean changes of underwear.
2. Your truck and boat are color coordinated, but your living room furniture isn't.
3. If you sold your boat and fishing tackle, you could move out of that double-wide trailer.
4. You have a sunglasses tan line.
5. You've ever missed work to attend a BassMaster or FLW weigh-in.
6. All of your credit cards are tied to Outdoor Store rewards programs.
7. You buy plastic worms by the pound.
8. The only shirts in your wardrobe with collars have embroidered patches from fishing tackle sponsors on them.
9. Your boat's motor has a higher horsepower rating than your wife's car.
10. Your investment in fishing tackle would put your first child through college.
11. Your truck and boat payment are larger than your home mortgage payment.
12. Losing your tackle box will reduce your net worth by 25%
13. You can cast a spinner bait into a hula hoop at 50' by the light of the moon, but you can't hit the toilet at point blank range in broad daylight.
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ellen b. said...

Do you release your fish? If not I'm coming over for some good cooked fresh fish...
Happy TT

Greatfullivin said...

I have an EX husband for all the resons you listed and more. LOL. Great TT.

Ornery's Wife said...

LOL. Fortunately for my non-fish-eating self, Ornery has never enjoyed fishing. Hiking and backpacking, yes. Fishing and golf, no. This was a great list. I probably know some of those guys you described, but not as close friends. That mindset is a bit foreign to me!

Thanks for dropping by Miller Manor. I liked Safety First, but did you know there is also a vet named Wynter Wheat? Come back and visit sometime. We might be neighbors!

Nap Warden said...

Well, I love to eat fish...sadly, I have never caught fish. I do have some friends that are on your list;)

Anonymous said...

Very funny! I've met your kind before, and while my idea of a good fishing trip is spending 8 hours in a boat in the sun drinking beer, this sounds like a good time too. Happy TT!

stubarnes said...

But what if I like to fish for bluegills?

Hilarious list!

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