Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen No. 31

I've been shooting photos of steeples, bell towers, and other objects of inspiration on or adjacent to some local churches. Here are thirteen of my favorites. Enjoy.

1. These three crosses are a part of the Church at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers, AR. The tallest is just over 100 feet in the air.

2. Traditional steeple adorns a Presbyterian church.

3. This tower stands at the entry of an Episcopal church.

4. This is a view from across the street and through the trees of the same steeple found in photo No. 2.

5. Front entry to a United Methodist church.

6. Close-up of dome

7. Steeple of a Christian church.

8. Interior of the Mildred Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista, AR.
designed by E. Fay Jones. The structure is steel. He designed a similar structure in Eureka Springs, AR (Thorncrown), which is wooden.

9. This tower is adjacent to a Catholic church.

10. The copper dome and cross at First Baptist Church, Bentonville, AR

11. Colorized dome and cross of a Catholic church.

12. Cross sits in a prayer garden of the same Catholic church.

13. Close-up of the same three crosses in photo No. 1.


Julia said...

Nice pics, I especially like #8 and #11

Happy TT and greets

Nicholas said...

Nice to see a modern version of the Celtic cross (12).

On a limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, that's amazing - gorgeous pictures and what a great topic. It's fun to see them all together.

Happy TT

pussreboots said...

Photos 1 and 13 look a great deal like a church here in Castro Valley. Happy TT.

YummY! said...

A tornado tore the cross from the roof of my MIL's church. Wish I had a picture of it.

bernieg1 said...

Nice modern pictures, but number 8 from Arizona was the most beautiful picture of them all. I would love a copy of that one-but I realize it CC so of course I would need your permission. It is just so lovely.

My TT is up here.

SJ Reidhead said...


The Pink Flamingo

the teach said...

Driller, these are absolutely gorgeous photos and very inspiring!

I have a brand new award for you at my blog - come see! :)

marcia@joyismygoal said...

i did this in July Wow you did a better job

mommanator said...

quite beautiful, sets one in the right tone for meditation

Qtpies7 said...

Great TT!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

If I could finance a book, it would be a "coffee table" book of your photos... and pay for you to tour Europe and parts of the (safer bits of the) Middle East to see what your eye and camera could do with those churches and cathedrals... These are simply Wonderful images!

Bond said...

Great subject matter and excellently composed

Ornery's Wife said...

Great TT! Looks like you have been busy!

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

These are fabulous photos. Isn't it amazing how different, and yet how beautiful each of the churches is. The Sihk Temples and some of the other churches in this area are very beautiful too.

Alice at I Was Born2Cree8
Or My 24th Thursday 13

Nicole Austin said...

The pictures are great. I love #13 with the dark clouds looming overhead. Great shot!