Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday Thoughts

It's a Friday thought and I have no idea why this thought came to mind. I like airplanes. I have never learned to fly one, nor do I intend to do so at this stage of life. Yesterday an airplane came to mind. I remember seeing this craft in Memphis, at a private airfield, when I was traveling on business. I thought it was just the most beautiful private plane I had ever seen. I have never seen another. Now I know why.
The Beechcraft Starship 1 was developed in 1984, first certified by the FAA in 1986, and the first one sold to the public in 1989. The Beechcraft Starship 1 took too long to develop, which drove costs up. It was too expensive at the time. You could buy an entry level jet for the same price. It was slower and heavier than most of its competition. The result is that only 53 of these beautiful aircraft were ever built. Virtually all of them are now in a "bone yard" awaiting destruction. The video tells the story. Still, it was a gorgeous flying machine.

Okay, on to Friday Inspirational music. Today I have selected a more contemporary artist than I normally feature. This song by Jeremy Camp celebrates the wonder Genesis 1. God is creator and savior and sustainer of us all. Have a marvelous week-end. Enjoy.


DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

the Starship was sure pretty... I was hoping Raytheon would make a go of it... Any idea of how the AASI Jetcruzer's doing? I know they had possible military orders...?

(P.S. - I'm a MAJOR Aerophile as well!)

Travis said...

My stepdad used to fly. It's one of the few things he can't do anymore that he truly misses.

And that is a gorgeous aircarft!

mommanator said...

doesn't that aircraft somehow look like it is flying backward.?
Love the video of Jeremy Camp!

Eaton Bennett said...

Thank you for the Jeremy Camp song, really needed that. :)