Saturday, June 9, 2007

BOOM!!! You're Sixty!

Last year Baby Boomers began turning 60. Being a first wave Baby Boomer, I turned the magic number last November. Have you ever noticed how kids will try to tell you their exact age? They will tell you they are 8-1/2 or 9-3/4 years old. Being older is very important them. By the time you hit 40, you hang on to the old age right up until the day you are required to change. In fact some people hang onto an age for two or three years. As long as no one notices, what's the harm.
I have noticed a few things have changed over the years. Remember as a child you could sit in the floor with your legs crossed and come to a standing position without uncrossing your legs. At 60, that doesn't even sound like a good idea.
In your 30's you enjoyed getting outside and mowing the yard. At 60, you take two ibuprofen before mowing and two after mowing just to control the swelling in the joints. If you can afford it, you've already bought the riding mower.
In your 40's you still spent one Saturday a month washing, waxing, and detailing your favorite ride. At 60, you're thankful for the drive-thru car wash with the auto applied wax.
In your 50's you were at the top of your profession and enjoyed going to work everyday. At 60, your still at the top, but if you're in management, it's starting to look a lot like adult daycare and retirement can't come soon enough.
Don't get me wrong 60 is a great age. You have a much better perspective of the world around you. You're not too excited about the Democrats or the Republicans because in the end, they're all just a bunch of politicians trying to get elected or re-elected. You realize that life is too short to always be in a crisis management mode. Slow down, enjoy the time with family and friends. I was a "child of the sixties", now I'm going to enjoy the sixties again.
I may have more to say on this subject later.