Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back to School Night

I have enrolled in an online PhotoShop Elements 5.0 course. It is available through the local community college. I thought I'd give it a try to see how I like the class. If it works out, there are several other digital photography courses I would like to take. If it doesn't work for me, the cost is minimal, so no harm, no foul. And yes, I know Elements 6.0 is available, but the course is for 5.0 so that's what I'm taking. Once I complete the course, I may go ahead and upgrade to 6.0.
There are 12 lessons over a 6 week period with two weeks grace period to wrap everything up and take the final exam. There are options for discussion groups and asking the instructor questions online as well. I think this is going to be interesting. I have always enjoyed photography although I have never gotten truly serious about the pursuit. I mean I have a digital SLR (Nikon D80) and I can take the photos into editing software and remove red eye and crop them, but I can't do some of the cool things that I have seen on other blogs. So here I am, taking a short break from my online class to tell the world what I'm up to. I'll keep you posted.
I know, the photo in this post has nothing to do with the class...I just haven't posted any pics of the grand kids lately. These are the two youngest helping Nana make cookies over the holidays. For a larger image just click on the photo.


Rhonda said...

awww this picture captures the very essence of life!

Good luck with the class. That sounds fun!

Rhonda said...

So, did you use your camera to take the pic? It's good and their sweet, like cookie dough :) And, hey, I have a Nikon D80! Do you love it? I certainly do. I got free classes to learn how to use it better and have yet to take them. I'm so bad...soon. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

those are some cute children! You are blessed! I hope the class is fun and you learn alot! I look forward to seeing the photos you come up with, hope you will post some!

Travis said...

I have a huge project ready to scan a bunch of old photographs onto my computer. The only thing I'm missing is a good bit of software.

Anonymous said...

you have been given an award, come by and pick it up!

Your Award

Joyce said...

Wow, that's some pretzel! LOL

I, too, love photography. I'd like to learn a lot more about it. I have an old SLR camera, but I don't use it due to the convenience of digital. I have 2 digitals, the second of which I love, but I think it's a lemon. It won't "initialize", which is a fancy term for "staying on". I push the button and it comes on for a nanosecond, then goes back off. If I do it a couple dozen times in a row, it'll stay on. Sigh.