Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thrusday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Intend to do in 2008

I don't know if these count as resolutions because some of them are done deals and some are tasks that I need to get done. Not all of them are self-improvement but they are virtually all achievable.

1. Finish setting up my new computer. I ran into a software issue so I have had to order a new copy of MS Office Professional 2007 before I complete the set-up. That should happen in the next couple of weeks.

2. Build a couple of new flower beds. I need to get some of the landscape stones (200-400) to get this project underway. This may take most of my spring week-ends.

3. Take a PhotoShop Elements class. Actually I am doing this beginning Jan 16. It is an online class from the local community college. If you read this blog very often, you may be subjected to some of my assignments.

4. Lose 100 pounds! Yes, I am going to divest myself of enough weight to make up a small adult human being. I have to keep saying this in order to hold myself accountable.

5. Take the grand kids to Disney World!!! WOOOO Hoooo, this is another done deal. We will be making the reservations later this month. There are four of them ranging from ages 4 to 12. These are the perfect ages for the vacation of a lifetime. I can't wait. Yes, we're taking their parents along as well.

6. Learn more about customizing a blog. I have no idea how to customize the look of a blog like some to the best ones I have seen. I know, I can just use this template and change the colors, but that isn't custom enough for me. We all want a unique identity in the blogosphere don't we?

7. Read the Bible from cover to cover. My grandmother would do this two or three times a year. I have never done it. I need to get started 'cause I've already lost three days.

8. I need to not worry so much about keeping this blog updated. The world will not come to an end if I fail to post two or three times a week. Besides, this doesn't really impact that many people.

9. Do a lot more fishing. I need to get the three younger grand kids involved in this sport. The oldest is already hooked and asks me to take her all of the time. I just need more time. Retirement in a few years will fix that problem...I think.

10. Paint the deck. Actually it will be a semi-transparent stain. It will be one of those spring projects. The honorary Christmas elf will help with that.

11. Go to some minor league baseball games. Springdale, AR wil be the new home of the Arkansas Naturals minor league team. This is always a great source of entertainment.

12. Clear some of the undergrowth from the ravine (green space) behind the house. I need to start this very soon. It is much easier to do when everything is dead.

13. Buy a big screen television set. I've probably made this a higher priority than it needs to be, but I think we're ready for a new source of entertainment. Besides, I can hook up my lap top and have a 50"-65" monitor. WooooHoooo!!

Ok, that's it for now. It took way longer than I anticipated to come up with this and it is not very original, but at least I got my T13 posted.


TLR said...

That doesn't seem unreasonable to me

Norma said...

Except for 100 lbs. it all looks manageable. Dropping a small person is tough! Your #1 is mine too--if I were to set goals.

My TT is up.

Vixen said...

That is a good list to start the year with. Disney will be a blast. I took the grandkids for their first time on New Year's Day (disneyland tho) and I took their parents too! It was so rewarding and enjoyable.

I must be having an old age brain fart, forgetting about Braveheart. It is only my second fav movie ever! I liked The Patriot too.

Happy TT and thanks for visiting.

geek-betty said...

good luck achieving your goals in 2008!

Diana said...

Good luck with the weight can do it!! Great list!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for your encouraging words today on my T13 post! You are so correct! Thank you!
Kristine aka MamaArcher

Minkydo said...

Setting up a new computer is not only fun, but a lot of work getting it just right. I did this last Sept.

Wishing you the best on your resolutions.

Sandy Carlson said...

No. 7 struck a chord. My great-grandmother's Bible has a one-year Bible-reading schedule in the back. I think I'll join you on that endeavor this year. Sure could use it!

God bless.

Travis said...

There's some pretty good stuff on this list...a nice mix of fun and not to many "have to's".

Good luck!

Rhonda said...

good list.
I'm not so sure about number 8 when you wrote, "besides this doesn't impact that many people".
Your blog/thoughts are great.

storyteller said...

Intention - now THAT'S a word I can relate to better than resolution. Your list seems quite "do-able" with focus and scheduling, taking specific tasks one at a time and breaking BIGGER goals into smaller steps. Re: #7 - Having done this several times in my life, may I suggest the version that divides the Bible into 365 daily readings offering sequential selections from the Old and New Testaments along with Psalms and Proverbs each day. Starting with Genesis, Matthew, Psalms and Proverbs and reading in "chunks" provided a uniquely useful perspective for me and kept me reading when I might have given up … especially with all those “begats”. May 2008 bring peace, wonder, and joy as you work through your list.
Hugs and blessings,

Nicole Austin said...

I wish you lots of luck with the weight loss. If you are determined, you can do it!

damozel said...

You are going to have one BUSY year.

Mine: 13 Unresolved Issues from 2007

Paige said...

Thanks for the blog comment. As for the slide show, just go to and upload your pics. Then it will give you a code to post in the HTML tab of your post. Easy! And the customizing isn't too bad, either. You just have to be willing to take a few risks while you experiment. and are the ones that helped me. You have to delve into the code a bit, but I had never done it before and it still worked out. Good luck!!

Nicholas said...

Good luck with those. Have a great 2008!