Saturday, February 16, 2008

Word Up

I just installed MicroSoft Office 2007 on my computer. I had Office 2003 on my old computer and could not bring it to the new machine. I opened up Word tonight to do an outline and some notes...Good Grief!!!! Who's been messing with my word processing program? Where is everything I am used to? Who moved the buttons? Who decided this was a good idea? Who put all of that junk at the top of the page? Who made changing fonts more difficult? Who did this? Who, Who, Who?


Travis said...


Isn't it funny how we get used to something?

Bond said...

Just be thankful you did not put Vista on the computer....OH and their name is B. Gates and company

the teach said...

Driller, I'd be really upset if I loaded another version of Word and everything was chamged...good grief! :(

Dave said...

Leave it to Microsoft to fix something that ain't broken. The good news is that you can still customize a toolbar and bring back some of the old familiarity.

Ornery's Wife said...

Sorry about the frustration. I also had the same problem last summer when I updated, and I additionally had to get used to Vista. However, we are all getting along nicely now, and once I figured out the changes, which wasn't really all that hard, I actually liked it a bit better. I am not that technically literate, so each change presents a bit of terror for me until I conquer it. I felt quite smug once I figured out Publisher in the new Vista set up.