Friday, June 20, 2008

Let's Make Some Magic

We are less than 24 hours from take-off! Tomorrow we will be traveling to Disney World! We will be leaving at 8:30 am CDT and flying from NW Arkansas, through Dallas to Orlando. Our arrival time is 2:30 pm EDT.
Yesterday I finished up everything at the office. Busy day! After twenty years of dreaming, two years of design and drawings, fifteen months of construction, we signed the Certificate of Substantial Completion and took possession of our new building. I finished packing up my office since the move will happen while I am gone. That means I get to unpack twice when we return from vacation (my bags and my office).
Last night I got the yard mowed so that it won't look like a pasture when we return. We've had so much rain this spring that I have been mowing twice a week lately. Later, I spent some time checking my camera gear and laptop to be sure all of it was packed. Getting on the plane with a backpack filled with camera equipment might be a bit of adventure.
Today, the final packing begins. Most of my stuff is in my suitcase, it's just a matter of double checking everything. Gotta get my hair cut later this morning. Then I can enjoy the rest of the day.
This most likely will be the last post until we return. Four adults, four kids, Disney World, it's going to be an exciting week and I doubt if there will be any down time for blogging. Most of my down time will be spent downloading photos and videos shot each day into the laptop or burning the information to discs. When we return home, you can expect to be overwhelmed with vacation photos and posts. So, enjoy the vacation from this place, visit among your selves and I'll see you back here in a week.

It's Friday. It's time for the inspirational song. What could be more appropriate than "I'll Fly Away"? Enjoy!

I'll Fly Away" - Kim Hopper & David Phelps


mommanator said...

gotta love the Gaithers! Have a safe enjoyable trip!

Soul Pockets said...

Have fun!

Travis said...


Amy, aka ABB said...

Have a great time! Enjoy the kids!

Rhea said...

Have a blast in the Kingdom.

Bond said...

la la la la la

Sitting and waiting on your return to see the cool pictures and videos....

Rhonda said...

I hope it's everything you've hoped for!!!