Monday, November 24, 2008

BOOMER Sooner!!!

University of Oklahoma Sooners put a whuppin' on the Texas Tech Red Raiders and muddied the waters of the Big 12 championship game and the BCS rankings. The final score was OU 65 - Texas Tech 21 with the last Tech touchdown coming with only eleven seconds left in the contest.
If OU, Texas, and Texas Tech each win their final game, there will be a three way tie in the Big 12 south and no one will own the tie-breaker. The team with the highest BCS ranking will be the south participant in the Big 12 Championship game and face Missouri. As of late Sunday night, that team is Texas. They are currently ranked No. 2, with OU at No. 3. If Texas Tech loses next week, then Texas will be the outright south champion because they beat OU in head to head competition. If Texas loses, then OU goes to the championship game. If OU should lose next week, then Texas Tech wins the south by virtue of having beaten Texas. Are you confused yet?
On a local note, the hometown high school team won their first round playoff game by a score of 35-14. Let me just say one thing about that was cold!!! Always take a blanket to sit on at a high school football game in cold weather. Those aluminum bleachers will suck all of the heat out of you right through your butt. Yes, I had a blanket and was dressed appropriately, but it was still cold! Three of the teams in the conference won their playoff game Friday night, which means that the state semi-finals will have only one team from outside our conference participating and that's who we will be playing this Friday night.. It's been a pretty dominant league the past few years.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Good for you. Nothing like your favorite team putting a whuppin' on the other team. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Travis said...

I expected OU to win on the strength of that defense. But I did not expect TT to lay such an egg.

All props to OU. They really had TT from the opening kick. But it sure would have been nice for this college football fan if the game had been competitive.

The Big 12 certainly is the conference this season, isn't it? I'm thinking the top 3 for the Heisman is likely to be some variation of McCoy, Bradford, and Harrell.

Travis Erwin said...

I actually predicted something of this sort. heck, Nebraska took Tech to OT, in Lubbock, so I knew they were beatable