Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Got Nuthin'!

I can't really explain it. I don't know how it happened but I do know when it happened. I only know that since December 22, my last real post, I haven't felt like posting anything. I haven't bothered to take any photos to share. I haven't recalled any events with the grandcrew. I haven't made any effort to post anything worth your time and effort to stop by here. I've even quit commenting on some of my other favorite blogs. It's like, "What's the point?" My opinion doesn't really matter that much anyway and it's not like lives are being changed, so why bother with this blogging and commenting thing anyway? I've been doing this for almost two years now, so maybe it's time to take an extended break. Maybe it's time find another interest and to just move on, or maybe it's time to just get back in the saddle and blog.
In all honesty, I was hoping that just blogging about this situation might help. Maybe it would jump start me into posting again, but, so far, I'm not feeling anything. Well, at least I tried. Maybe later.


Travis said...

I guess that happens sometimes. I'll keep checking in to see if you get your mojo back.

But consider this...American Idol is about to ratchet back up, and Dancing with the Stars returns in March!

Amy, aka ABB said...

Travis has a point. As a moderator at Idolbloglive, you'll be expected to not only have your mojo working, but your delete finger as well! Seriously now, I totally understand. I have hardly posted in the last couple of months myself - just kinda hit the doldrums.

I do miss your music selections, though.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well, perhaps you do need a break. I've certainly felt that way on more than one occasion. You have been such an upbeat person and I've always enjoyed that about you and your posts. I'm here whenever you want to say something.

Have a terrific day. :)

MamaArcher said...

I have often felt this way. It seems to come and go. I wonder if it is ONLY a hobby or if I am really making any difference. There are times when I can see the Lord at work and ministering to others. Then there are times when I think what is the point. Realizing that God can use even the insignifigant things is an encouragement to me. I know that I have been missing your comments on my blog. You often make me stop and think. You have been an encouragement to me. I have missed you. If you are needing to take a break I do understand. Please just know that from my perspective, you have alot of wisdom to offer and great discussions!

Bond said...

I am sitting and waiting until sumthin' comes along...

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

"'s not like lives are being changed, so why bother with this blogging and commenting thing anyway?"

I'm not reading the other comments... and what I have to say is kinda hard... in a manly sort of way... but seeing your comments DID make me happy... and I did look forward to reading your wisdom... and YOU, of all people, as a father know darned well that you keep spewing things that SEEM like they're not getting through... but in the long run, the wisdom will be seen... and adopted.

Still, you should do what you've done... back off... breath... let the muse come back to you... and don't feel any sense of obligation. Obligation makes any hobby feel like work and sucks the fun right out of it... ask any kid who's taken music lessons.

So relax... no pressure... and when you're ready, we WILL be here to read and absorb and learn... or look at the images you produce!

Eric said...

Like all Sooner fans, you are just experiencing a bit of BCS Bust Depression (defined as BBD Syndrome in your psychiatrist's DSM-IV Manual). Additionally, you are likely feeling some existential angst rooted in conflicting feelings about Tim Tebow (he's a wonderful human being who sincerely needs an ass whoopin'... it's hard to reconcile the two).

I recommend time, prayer, and whiskey.

This too shall pass.