Thursday, April 2, 2009

Friday Thoughts

Spring has sprung. Soccer season begins Saturday for the thirteen year old grand daughter. The following Saturday TeeBall starts for The Big Guy. Easter is just around the corner. My father's 89th birthday is next week. The middle grand daughter will be nine years old the following week.
April is gonna be busy. It looks like there will be plenty of photo opportunities and even a chance to use that new telephoto lens I bought last winter.

It is Friday, so it's time for a little inspirational music. I have chosen an upbeat number from Crabb Revival. Enjoy.

Runaway Train - Crabb Revival


Bond said...

busy busy month for y'all

Travis said...

That is quite the month. Let's hope you get some good weather to go with all your celebrating!

Amazing Gracie said...

April is a huge birthday month in our family, too. Enjoy all the stuff you have planned!
p.s. Gonna listen to some Crabb Revival now.

Amazing Gracie said...

Wow! Played this for hubman, who is a picker and a believer! He liked it so much I'm off to Amazon to see what I can find.
Thanks a lot for playing this...