Sunday, April 5, 2009

Game On!!!

The turf isn't green yet, but spring is in the air and soccer season has started. The oldest grand daughter (No. 17) is playing in an Under 13 traveling league. This past week-end their club hosted a tournament and the fields are only three miles from our house. So, there were several photo opportunities.

This is also the first opportunity I've had to pull out the 50-500mm telephoto lens and try it out. This team shot is taken from across the field and then cropped. That soccer ball in the first photo was sitting at mid-field awaiting the start of the second half. I think I'm liking this lens a lot!!

We lost the first match 2-1. As you can see, No. 17 in yellow, is not shy about getting to the ball. It's gonna get better during the second game.

Thank you very much, but that ball belongs to me! Now where is that goalie? I'm also liking our black uniforms. We won the second match 3-1.

The ball got just a little too far out in front of "Scooter" on this break away and the goalie got to it first. There was about a 25mph wind coming from her back. Maybe next time. Oh, I forgot, I'm not supposed to call her "Scooter" any more. I'm gonna have a hard time breaking that habit.

Like I said before, that ball belongs to me! Now, I need to find a team mate before more red jerseys show up.

Uh oh, more red jerseys. Okay, time to give this up to another team mate. Why do I always draw such a crowd. She got a couple of shots on goal today but nothing went it the net. I think it's going to be a good season. In two weeks we travel to Tulsa for another tournament. That's great, because my dad lives in Tulsa and he will get to see his great grand daughter play. Yep, I'm gonna like this lens a lot when I learn how to use it properly.

There was a game Sunday. We lost 1-0 and that kept us out of the championship match. However, since the temperature had dropped to 40 degrees and the wind was still blowing 25 mph out of the North, no one was terribly upset about not playing another match.


Travis said...

Love the bright blue soccer ball. And the action shots were terrific.

Best of luck to the girls!

Bond said...

Excellent action are going to totally love that lens Sir.

TLR said...

Wish I could take great pics like these, Nice job Driller