Friday, June 6, 2008

Miscellaneous Ramblings

It's Friday. I've got a few thoughts running around in my head and an order of business to take care of. First of all I want to thank Mama Archer for the "You Make My Day" award. I'm glad that I make someone's day. Some days there are people who wish I wasn't in their day. Well, stuff happens. Moving right along, I would pass this award on to blogs that make my day.
1. IdolBlogLive (DJ Slims Place). This is undoubtedly the best American Idol blog on the net.
2. Ornery's Wife. This comes from my childhood hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma and we have more in common than you might imagine.
3. Trav's Thoughts. Travis and I share too many common traits. Our tastes in music, television, and movies are so similar it's scary. Trav has some wonderful posts.
4. Bonds Big Leather Couch. Bond and I are kindred spirits is music tastes. He shares his vast knowledge and collection with us every day. It is a regular stop on my blog rounds each day.
5. Doubledeckerbuses. Matthew is a wonderfully funny Canadian. He's a political moderate, that's politic talk for common sense.
6. Comedy Plus. Sandee provides humor every morning and an occasional game for us to play while she's away on the boat for the week-end.
Ok, now that I've passed the award along, I can get on with other stuff.
Second, I did enjoy participating in the Blog Blast for Peace. It gave me an opportunity to share my faith and to speak to the issue of peace through God's Word. That was fun. It gave me an idea for another post later. It will take some work and digging around or the right pictures, but that's OK. I probably will wait until I get back from vacation.
Vacation!!! We're two weeks out from Disney World!!! WoooooHOooooo!!!!! Buckle up your chin straps and brace yourselves for multiple Disney posts when we get home. This place will be filled with pics of the grandcrew and Disney characters. Well, stuff happens.
Finally, it's Friday and that means an inspirational song. We did go see the Booth Brothers last Friday night. Our friend with ALS did get to attend and it was a special evening. However, since I shared two Booth Brothers songs with you last week, I will move in a different direction today.
In fact I am going to move away from Southern Gospel and into Contemporary Christian music.
Here is Mercy Me performing "Bring The Rain". Enjoy.

Bring The Rain - Mercy Me


Anonymous said...

love this song.

inspirational for my Friday.
Thank you!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Thank you Sir...I am humbled you selected me...

In regard to your comment on The Couch today:

Does the pattern come into play before the post ends? The gray will extend with each post you should never have the pattern as the background for the type. If you would like help with a template, just ask.

Sandee said...

Thank you so very much. Leaving for the boat shortly so will attend to this when we return. I've got a math quiz coming this Monday. Hope you play along. Have a great day and weekend. Big hug. :)

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Many, many thanks for the praise! It's appreciated more than you know! (...and I'll be checking out a couple in your list I've not visited yet!)

orneryswife said...

Thanks for the prize. :-) I love this song. It was the reason I bought my first Mercy Me CD. Have a good weekend!

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see a blogger supporting McCain, but as a die hard Cornhusker fan I'm not so sure about those Sooner emblems.

I do spend about a month a year at Norman for work however.

Travis Cody said...

Thank you Sir!

Sandee said...

I finally got this done. Again a great big thank you. Awards and The Mosaic Picture Meme. Have a great day. :)