Thursday, October 25, 2007


The weather is starting to cool down here in the Ozarks and that means one thing... the deer are moving. Bow season for deer started two weeks ago. This week was muzzle loading season, and next week starts modern gun season. I'm not a hunter so none of this makes any difference to me. However, all of this pressure makes the deer nervous and they start moving, often into oncoming traffic.
Since I live adjacent to the woods and on a county road, I have to be very careful driving to and from work each day. I've already seen two deer that have been hit by cars and I've witnessed one car avoid being hit by a deer. I've seen three deer in the ravine behind our house and a dozen or more on my way to work. I need to get the camera out and take advantage of the photo opportunity. Bambi is alive and well here in the Ozarks.


EHT said...

Thanks for visiting History Is Elementary. I loved your can really get creative when you give them the right tools.

The deer are moving here in western Georgia too. Of course, I think it has more to do with the fact they are thirsty and hunting water. We still have a trickle in our creek and I've had several move through my yard even though I live in a busy subdivision. I haven't had a deer in my yard within eyesight in years.

Thomas said...

Good thinking!
My wife and I made an evening trip through Antlers, Oklahoma about 3-weeks ago. We just got our truck back from the mechanic yesterday.

The $4000 hit to our insurance company is likely to result in higher rates and will definately result in us taking a different route on our next trip through SE Oklahoma.