Friday, October 26, 2007

I Love This Stuff!!!

I am an architect by profession.
The firm that I work for is currently building a new structure to house all 250 of our staff. As the Director of Architecture, I have been involved in the design and construction of this new facility. Everytime I visit the jobsite to see the progress of the construction, I am reminded why I love this stuff.
I enjoy the whole creative process. From the time the building is just a dream in the minds of a few of the management team, until it gets formalized on the computer screens and on paper, through construction, and right up until the day that we move in...I love this stuff. By the way, move in will happen in April '08.
Three years ago my wife and I built our home. Again, I love this stuff. The plan works very well for us. We picked out the brick, the interior and exterior colors, the door and cabinet hardware, the cabinets, the trim, the wood floors, tile, carpet, and my wife added some much needed furniture. It was a wonderful experience. While it is a very traditional exterior, the interior is an open plan and suits our lifestyle. I would have a very hard time giving this place up. I love the site, I love the house, I love this stuff.