Saturday, October 20, 2007

Be True to Your School

I don't know exactly what it is about growing older, but I find myself being more sentimental towards my alma mater than ever before. I don't give to any of the scholarship funds or anything like that. I just buy the team logo stuff. I have a chrome medalion on the back of my truck, a logo license plate on the front of my wife's car, logo luggage tags on my luggage and brief case. We have two of the folding lawn chairs with the logo printed on the back. When we go to our grand daughter's soccer match, there are at least four universities represented on these types of chairs. I actually picked one of the fantasy football leagues I participate in based on the fact that all of the members had to be either OU or Texas fans. I have a logo key fob on my primary key ring and I just ordered aditional ones for my spare keys. Oh yeah, I have a logo garden flag coming. I only did that because the neighor has one and he's from Texas A&M. I even have the school fight song as my primary ring tone on my cell phone. I know I'm too old for this silliness, but I really don't care. It makes life fun and if you can't have a little fun in this life...what's the point?

What school are we talking about...The University of Oklahoma, OU!!!!
BOOMER Sooner....Roll on Crimson and Cream...Roll on!!!


SoonerScotty said...

Boomer Sooner all the way!

Thanks for finding my blog and even adding me to your links!

SoonerScotty, OU'05