Saturday, December 29, 2007

Double Feature Week-end

Christmas is over, family is gone, decorations are still up, but it is time for a little down time for the honorary elf and her lifetime "roadie". I spent most of yesterday playing with my new computer. I still have some things to do and some new software to order before it is fully functional, but there are a lot of things I like about it and a few minor faults that I find annoying. My wife spent the day shopping with a couple of friends. Last night we decided we would go to see two movies this week-end.

We began Friday night with August Rush. This is a semi-chick flick, but since I like romantic comedies and human interest movies the choice was ok with me. This movie has been out for several weeks which means it has been moved to one of the smaller screening rooms in a multi-screen theatre. We had to sit a little closer than either of us care to but it wasn't all that bad. The previews run and then the movie starts...except it's the wrong movie!!! The projection room has qued up Mr. Mangorium's Wonder Emporium. After running through most of the intro graphics, they get it straightened out. August Rush is a very good and probably under rated movie. It starts out a little slow, actually very slow. About a half hour into the story the movie picks up the pace and things get much, much better. The story line is based on a young boy who was separated from his mother at birth. He has spent his entire life in an orphanage (and has no desire to be adopted) and claims he can hear his parents through the music of nature around him. He believes that the music will bring them all back together. He is the product of a one-night-stand between a budding rock musician and a concert cellist. The boy turns out to be a musical prodigy. Robin Williams plays a rather dark character that takes in run aways, that have musical talent, and then places them as street musicians around New York City. The whole group splits the take at the end of the day and live in a commune environment at the abandoned Filmore East theatre. That's all I'm going to say here. I would encourage you to see this movie. There is nothing so overpowering that it must be seen on the big screen, but the acting and music are outstanding.
Saturday afternoon we went to see National Treasure, Book of Secrets. If you like Indiana Jones (a new one is due out in May '08), Jewel of the Nile, or The Mummy, then this movie is for you. It is apparently for a lot of people because it is showing on two screens and one of them was sold out this afternoon. This movie has more action and less puzzle solving or clue chasing than the first National Treasure. This movie introduces us to one new character, Nicholas Cage's mother/Jon Voights wife. I believe it also sets the premise for a third movie. You'll have to turn to page 47 to find out more.
Well that pretty much sums up our week-end. New Years day will see me in front of the TV for the Cotton Bowl game between Arkansas and Missouri. WOOOOOOOOOOOO Pig Soooie!!! Later that day we may go back to the movies to see The Great Debaters, starring Denzel Washington.
Happy New Year Everyone!


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Just wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year. :)

I'm putting you in my sidebar and my Google reader.

Angie said...

Happy New Year, Drillah!

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Happy New Year!!!