Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Celebrate the New Year!

This may be very quickly put together, therefore, not terribly well thought out or original and certainly not as serious as my previous Thursday Thirteen but here it is, for what it's worth. And, there won't be any photos to accompany this.

1. I made it through another year. That may be all the reason I need to celebrate.

2. I'm one year closer to retirement. I don't want to work this hard for this long and miss out on the best part of life.

3. We're taking the grand kids to Disney World in 2008. This could be the best vacation ever! I can't wait to see the reactions of the two youngest. We haven't told any of them where we are going. In fact, we may not tell them until we board the plane.

4. At work, we will move into our new office building in May. You have no idea how much this will help productivity and staff morale. Currently we are scattered in seven different buildings across a five block area and it can be a nightmare to manage staff.

5. The Arkansas Razorbacks got rid of Houston Nutt. At least for a little while the local sports talk show call in fans will quit whinning about all of the problems with the football program. Of course Nutt left the recruiting cubboard bear so Bobby Patrino will have nothing to work with when he gets here. I can almost hear the whinning again.

6. The Oklahoma Sooners will be ranked preseason No. 1. Now if they can just keep from tripping over Colorado or Texas Tech, they could win the National Championship in '08.

7. All of the holiday food will be gone and I can get back to seriously trying to lose weight and exercise. Seriously!

8. American Idol starts in a few weeks. WooooooooooooHooooooooooooooo!!!!

9. My annual trout fishing trip is coming up during spring break. This is just four or five guys fishing, eating, and sittin' around a campfire for a couple of days in March. It may not sound like great fun to a lot of you, but I look forward to it every year.

10. Mrs. DrillerAA (the honorary elf) and I will celebrate thirty-four years of wedded bliss in May. WOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

11. '08 could be the year of the big screen TV in our house! I passed up an opportunity to get one this year at half price. That won't happen again.

12. I will have my new computer set up by the beginning of '08...I hope. Actually, I will probably start that process this afternoon or in the morning....or not. After all, I am on vacation.

13. I will look forward to making it to 2009, with the understanding that time is flying by at much too rapid a pace.

Happy New Year All!!!


Moondancer said...

Gratz on the new computer!

Happy TT

Samantha_K said...

#1 is really the best reason, isn't it?


Happy Thursday!

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Great list, I enjoyed it very much! Come take a look at the most popular resolutions of the New year!


storyteller said...

I love random lists like your T-13 today. Letting the mind go where it will and recording what surfaces often captures the essence of what's most important. Counting down to retirement makes sense. I retired almost 6 years ago and life couldn't be better! Sometimes I wonder how I ever had time to work, but the best thing is being in charge of my time. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Disney World with grandkids in tow sounds marvelous! I guess you'll have your big screen TV set up in time to watch American Idol, right?
Hugs and blessings,

Sassy Lucy said...

Wonderful list of reasons...surviving 2007 is a good reason for me too. Enjoy the trip with the grandkids....may be the soonest I ever get there myself.

Infinity Goods said...

Happy Thursday! Happy New Year!
Disney and retirement sound like a lot of fun.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Allow me to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2008!

MondaythroughSunday said...

#7..I hear you!! Happy New Year!!

Michelle O. said...

What a great list! I like how positive you are.

Vixen said...

Excellent list. I am 100% in on #1 and #2, also #8. We are taking the gkids to Disneyland on New Years Day (their first time) and I can hardly wait to see their faces!

Enjoy and Happy New Year.

Sarah said...

I look forward to retirement!

Happy TT~
thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

that is a great list!! 34 years, that is awesome!

Nicholas said...

The years seem to go by faster and faster! Happy New year.

Momma TaderDoodles said...

Ok, so the sports and the fishing are beyond me, as I can not really get into either (except that when hubby MAKES me go fishing I usually catch the biggest one with practically NO effort and upset everyone)

I will send a big YIPEE to Disney, and concur with your American Idol WOOOHOO! and send a big Congrats on the Anniversary!!

Nicole Austin said...

Great list. The first two reasons are great! :D