Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen No. 8

Thirteen Christmas Ornaments and Decorations Around the House

Since my wife is an honorary elf, our hourse is transformed during the Christmas Season. We have three trees, the main 9 footer in the living room, the 6' rustic tree in the sitting area off of the kitchen and a 3' wilderness themed tree (it's mine) in the den. Here are 13 decorations and ornaments you will find around our home this time of year.

The honorary elf made this ceramic ornament a number of years ago.
It is probably my favorite of all of the ornaments in the house.

I love cocker spaniels. They are my favorite breed of dog and the only breed I have ever had as a pet. When we found this ornament a few years back, buying it was a no brainer.

I love to fish and bears are much better at this sport than I am. But then again, they don't practice catch and release.

You don't have to look very hard around this blog to understand why I own this ornament.

I am an architect and this little construction guy is the closest thing we could find to represent the industry I am in.

Like most of the really cool ornaments that we own, the honorary elf found these embossed leather ornaments at a craft store.

Santa fishes in the off season. There is actually a traditional green ball ornament that is the basis for this decoration.

Like I said, Santa fishes in the off season.

There are few things prettier than a traditional glass ornament.

Traditional shapes and colors are always reminders of the season.

Toys from your childhood. I can guarantee this ornament is over 55 years old!

Olde World Santa Lamps. We have nine of these and they are displayed on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Take a photo of the kids/grandkids every year and put them in these photo frame ornaments. In a few years, you will have enough to decorate an entire tree.


Open Grove Claudia said...

I thought about doing ornaments as well! I love your Santas - what a fabulous collection! I especially like the construction Santa - so cool!

mom huebert said...

Those leather ornaments are cool. And the red and green balls are very pretty.

Jan Parrish said...

Great list and photo's come visit my 13 - What to Get Your Wife for Christmas. :)

Enter my contest while you are there.

Nicole Austin said...

Great collection of ornaments. I love the fishing Santa. :D

Happy TT!

Travis said...

Those are some cool ornaments. I especially like the leather ones. Very cool.

Malcolm: said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Little Richard TT.

These are some really cool ornaments that you decided to display. You've done an outstanding job of maintaining the ornament that's over 55 years old.


I usually take a photo of some of my ornaments each year. I should put photos in one of my Thirteens.