Monday, April 28, 2008

Mission Organization, Mission Accomplished!

Today the garage is the cleanest it has been since the day we moved in this house, almost four years ago. Saturday, I did indeed take everything out of the garage, sweep it out, power wash it, and then put back only the stuff I wanted. That means that one pick-up truck load of stuff went to Helping Hands, and numerous empty cardboard boxes went to the recycle center. Among the Helping Hands items were three tackle boxes I no longer use. No, I haven't given up on fishing, I just use a different storage method than the plastic, hard side tackle boxes. I still have more fishing tackle than most amateur anglers and only slightly less than some professional fishermen. I will probably thin that herd later this summer. Clear plastic storage tubs have solved several of my storage issues. I also still have a few pieces of construction material (medium density fiberboard) that will probably find their way to the dumpster later this year.
By 4:00 P.M. Saturday, I was worn out. But it was a good day.

Next Post:
Sunday evening the two oldest grand daughters were in a program at church. Film at 11:00.

Coming Attractions:
April 29th: Grandparents day for Lexi. Nana and I will have lunch with her at her school.
May 1st: Ditto for Em'.
May 11: Mother's Day and our 34th Wedding Anniversary.
May 30: Our company moves into it's new home!!
June 21: Family Vacation to Disney World! Multi-post entries for sure.
November 20: My birthday. A humorous look back at my world through pictures and an all too often faltering memory.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Cleaning out the garage is indeed a wonderful thing. My hubby did that recently. We actually can get both our vehicles and one motocycle in there too. Good for you.

Happy 34th. Me and hubby celebrate our 8th tomorrow. Have a great day. :)

Rhonda said...

34 years?!!! Wow that's a huge congratulations!!!!!!!

I totally understand that feeling of accomplishment in having a very clean and tidy garage.
Well done!!!

Travis said...

Congratulations! I have found that plastic tubs are 100% better than cardboard boxes for storing stuff.

I managed to re-box my Sports Illustrated collection into plastic storage tubs. They are so much easier to move around and store now.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Happiness is a clean garage! Sounds like a lot of worthy work!

Julie said...

Good man! I love it when the garage is cleaned! Looks like you're a busy person over the next few weeks.

Bond said...

Cleaning the garage is one of those chores that we dread...but once I get into it...I get into it and begin to enjoy.