Friday, April 4, 2008

Let It Rain

It's been raining here off and on for over a week now. It started with a 5" downpour that flooded things that had never been flooded before. Now, every new shower threatens to swell the creeks out of their banks, flood some streets and bring some construction projects to a halt. It rained again yesterday, last night, and more is predicted for today, but the radar indicates that we may get a break today through Monday. However, it has definitely put the fishing trip I had planned next week in deep trouble.
Eight of us were going over to the Buffalo River to do a little trout fishing. All of the run-off from these rains is not helping the water level of the river and it has actually flooded the camp where we stay. I am not convinced that the river will clear up and the camp dry out significantly by next Friday. Since the gound is soaked, any more rain simply turns into run-off and that will take several days to return to normal. The area where we camp has gotten more rain than here locally. This last round of rain will keep the water levels up, the river muddy, and the current way too swift to fish. Oh, well, there's always next month.
This evening my wife and several of her friends are having a girls night out. It starts this afternoon. They are meeting for lunch, do a little (a lot) of shopping, going to get massages, probably take in a movie, and spend the night at Embassy Suites. Tomorrow morning they are going to a ladies meeting at the church.
So, how am I going to spend this bachelor time? I'm probably going to take most of the afternoon off, get a haircut, look at some new landscaping for the house, resolve a couple of software issues on my computer (I hate that part), rent "I Am Legend" and start cleaning out the closet in the home office. Or, I may just piddle around in Circuit City, Best Buy, Office Deopt, and Lowes all afternoon. I think I like "Plan B" better. I will definitely finish up my last couple of PhotoShop Elements lessons. Hope you have a dry and safe week-end.
It is Friday and time for the Inspirational song of the week. Here ya go, enjoy.

Michael W. Smith - Let it Rain


Rhonda said...

Love this song!
Sounds like your wife will a great time...
hope you do too.

Travis said...

I vote for plan B!

And you reminded me that I need a haircut this weekend too.

Amy, aka ABB said...

My daughter said she overdid the rain dance this week, sorry :)

Ornery's Wife said...

I was so excited that you were thinking about tackling that closet! Bummer about the fishing trip. I know you guys have gotten a lot more rain there than we have in Tulsa, and it's pretty bad here! Hope tonight/tomorrow's storm misses you.