Friday, April 18, 2008

Week-end Update

My first blog anniversary has come and gone. I want to thank everyone that stopped by.

Look, I got an award. Someone thinks I actually think before I comment. Well, I do try to engage the brain before turning the fingers loose on the keyboard, but I'm not always successful. My blogging buddy and fellow celebrator of their first blogging anniversary, Ornery's Wife, presented me with this award. I appreciate the fact that my comments occasionally meet a need in someones life. All of us need encouragement, support and a kind word from time to time, even if it comes from someone we have never met personally. Thank you Mrs. Ornery.
We've had two serious rain storms in the past three weeks. The first storm dropped 5" of rain on us and soaked the ground. Last Thursday night we got another storm that dumped another 5" or 6" on us and there was no place for it to go. The result was some serious flooding. I have not seen water this high in the twenty-one years we have lived in this area. It rained again last night. We may get another 1" or 2" tonight, so I don't think there will be much flooding. At any rate, here are a few pictures of one of the local golf courses as it appeared last Friday morning.

This is not supposed to be an island tee.

This is not supposed to be an island green!

The fairway is out there somewhere to the left.

The course is closed!

Wednesday the two middle granddaughters went to a mid-week event at church. They were supposed to make cars out of cardboard and have a car show. Of course, they were sure that Pawpaw could build the cars for them. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some of those cardboard displays that we all used to for our elementary and junior high science fair projects. They now come in several colors, which means that I don't have to paint the cars! The girls wanted jeeps, which simplified the body style. The computer and PrintShop supplied some nice graphics. It was alot of fun and the girls had a ball in their new rides. Here are the finished products.

Tomorrow the kids are coming out to the house to celebrate the second granddaughter's birthday. We're going to have BBQ pork ribs, Italian chocolate cream cake, and chocolate ice cream. Yes, she is a chocoholic like her Pawpaw. What's wrong with that?Well, I think that's all I've got. I guess it's time to close this post down with the weekly inspirational song. Next month the Booth Brothers will be in the area for a concert. My wife and I are going. My friend that has ALS is doing ok, and we are taking him and his wife with us. They are one of our favorite groups, so it will be a wonderful evening for all. In spite of all of the difficulties that my friend faces with this terrible disease, he has the assurance of his final home and because of that he is "Still Feelin' Fine". Enjoy.

Still Feelin' Fine - The Booth Brothers


Bond said...

PawPaw....YOU ROCK DUDE...those are great...

Man.. mean water flowing...It has begun to rain again here...supposed to be a nasty day...Can I leave work and go snuggle up with a good movie and a cocktail and my Lady?

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Those are some awesome cars....where were you when I needed to make a cardboard Jeep for VBS?
Popped over from Matthew, aka DoubleDeckerBus dude's blog.
Happy blogaversary!

DrillerAA said...

Bond, Mama Bear;
Maybe I outta do a "how to" post on building a cardboard car.

storyteller said...

Congrats on the cool award from Onery's wife!

Those pictures are amazing! I just talked to my sister on the phone. She and her husband are RVing around America and has been visiting in Little Rock, Arkansas today. She told me about the heavy rains they've encountered ... flooded out roads and all. What a weird winter this has been for huge sections of the USA! I hope you get some relief soon ;--)

Those are nifty cars!
Hugs and blessings,

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Now that's a water hazard!

Travis said...

Methinks that course has a slight drainage problem!

Happy Bloggiversary once again.

Nap Warden said...

Congrats on the award! Love the Jeeps!

Ornery's Wife said...

You certainly got a bit more rain in your parts than we did. What a mess! Loved the jeeps! What a creative feller you are! Those are the kind of projects I always envision, and make Ornery build for me... He's a good sport. Glad you liked your award. I really do love your comments!

Amy, aka ABB said...

Those Jeeps! You know the kids won't forget those for a long time. I love that you are there to make memories for them and with them.

That's quite the water hazard on the golf course. Better bring waders and balls that float!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Congratulations on your award.

You really have had enough rain haven't you? Yikes.

I love your name too Pawpaw. You did a great job and I'm sure your granddaughters were very happy with your participation. Have a great day. :)

Julie said...

Oh man....we had a flooded golf course too this spring....2nd time in less then 5 years.