Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's A Quirky World

I found a little meme over at Mama Archer's that sounded like a lot of fun.
I won't explain all of the rules here. You can find her link in my sidebar if you want to know all of the rules. At any rate, it is based on telling the blogosphere six quirky things about yourself. Why do bloggers want to share their odd personality traits with the entire planet? I have no idea, but I'm going to do it anyway.
1. When I'm in the Men's department, if the shirt and ties displayed don't go well together, I will rearrange them.
2. If I find a good sale on an item, I will almost always buy two (shirts, shoes, slacks, fishing lures, etc.). Yes, that means that I like to shop. Deal with it.
3. I doodle! If there is a pencil and paper nearby, I will doodle...while I'm on the phone, in a meeting, it doesn't matter.
4. I will stop by Office Depot every couple of weeks, just to see what's on sale!
5. As an architect, I am a sucker for a really cool pen or pencil. And, if I find one I really like, I may buy two.
6. I sign all important documents in blue ink. With the extraordinary quality of copiers these days, the blue ink is sometimes the only indicator of an original document.
There you have it. Six little quirks in my personality that make me different than you. So, what makes you different from everyone else?


Bond said...

I also will buy two or three of an item if i like it. I have like 4 blue-pinstripe shirts. I liked it when i saw it and bought them.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

So you like to buy two of the things you like. I can understand that. I love the fact that your rearrange the shirts and ties. I got a visual on that. Have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you did this!

#1 just cracked me up!!! I could just see you doing that!! But You know they actually pay people to do the matching and dressing of manikins, my hubby actually had that job once when we were first married.

Ornery's Wife said...

I'm sayin' you have your work cut out for you these days with that whole matching thing! I am amazed at the combinations they come up with, and think it must be just so people with taste will become accustomed to seeing those without it! :-)

Yours is the first list of really quirky things I have seen from this meme. I'll have to think about it and maybe do this tomorrow.

Travis said...

I'll buy several different colors of the same shirt if I like the style. I don't mind shopping for the things I need because I it's fiscally responsible to find bargains when possible.

But I don't shop recreationally.

DrillerAA said...

Bond: I rarely buy the same color of a bargain, unless it is a white dress shirt, but I will by several colors of the same style.

Sandee: Yep, I like contrast so when they put a dark blue tie on a light blue shirt, I'll change it out to red or some shade of gold.

Mama Archer: Actually it's a way to pass time while I'm waiting on my wife who is somewhere else in the store.

Ornery's Wife: It's my shopping equivalant to doodling. I just play with the colors until I like what I've done. The sales people think I'm shopping for a shirt and a tie combination. Little do they know.

Travis: I usually time my trips to know sale seasons. The week after Christmas is one of my favorites. Right around Memorial Day is also a good time for clothes.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

I can see it now... you and I in a church basement right now... a semi-circle of chairs with sad men on them... I stand up...

Hello... my name is Matthew... and I have a problem. I like to shop.

...just twelve little steps I'm told.

DrillerAA said...

It may just be you and I. I'm not sure we will find many others to fill the semi-circle of chairs.