Monday, December 17, 2007

So Many Movies, So Little Time

Christmas season is movie season and there are too many that I want to see on the big screen and there is no way I will be able to see all of them next week while I am on vacation. I've already seen American Gangster and enjoyed it. I've seen Bee Movie, and Alvin and the Chipmunks with the grand kids. Alvin was ok, Bee was a B. So I'm going to need a little help here. I am going to list the movies I think I want to see. You tell me which ones are must see movies and which ones I can skip. Keep in mind I don't like movies like Saw IV, so don't waste your time suggesting it. I doubt if I will see The Mist. Ok, here is what I would like to see.
August Rush, Beowulf, Lions for Lamb, National Treasure II, I am Legend, Martian Child, and Charlie Wilson's War. Tell me which movies I need to buy snacks and popcorn for and which ones I can just wait 'til the DVD comes out.


Travis said...

I haven't been to the movies since Harry Potter over the summer.

If it was me...I'd see Beowulf and National Treasure II at the theater and wait for DVD on the rest.

TLR said...

Oh my God just too many to pick from. If I had to pick one it would be National Treasure II for me.

Brent said...

my suggestions are National Treasure and The Great Debaters. Both are ones I ill buy as soon as they come out on DVD. I rarely go to the movies

DJSlim said...

ok so i had to change my name in my google settings so it showed up as DJSlim not Brent. Figured you wouldn't know me by that

Joyce said...

I'd see National Treasure II and I Am Legend. Must admit I haven't seen any of them though. I think I'd just as soon rent dvd's. I've been in the mood for some old Alfred Hitchcock movies for some reason. Even asked for 'em for Christmas.

Rhonda said...

We saw, National Treasure 11 (two thumbs up)my Hubby really liked it! I did too but I think he resonates with the Indiana Jones feel.
We saw, I Am Legend. (Two thumbs up) Great movie! I was sitting ont he edge of my seat.
We saw Martian Child (two thumbs up) a very different film but captures the thought that love conquers all.