Monday, July 7, 2008

Raising Sand

Yesterday afternoon I was cruising the channels and stumbled upon "Crossroads" on MHD.I caught the end of "Live Sets" featuring Trisha Yearwood, who I think is the best female vocalist since Linda Ronstadt. Crossroads puts unlikely combinations together in concert. I watched Robert Plant/Alison Krause then stayed for Reba McIntire/ Kelly Clarkson. The Plant/Krause duo was wonderful. I will be looking for the CD later today. Here are a couple of cuts from the show. Enjoy.

Gone, Gone, Gone

Please Read The Letter


Travis Erwin said...

I've heard several of the cuts Plant and Krauss did on my satellite radio and they are all very good.

Bond said...

Have to stop back and see videos at work

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Awesome. I love both of them, but the last one was the best. Have a great day. :)

Travis said...

I think these are two of the finer vocalists in modern music.

And I luvs me some Trisha too!