Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

On the Grandson

On his sister
As always, click on the photo to enlarge. Enjoy.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I had freckles when I was a kid. They finally went away in my late teens. I hated them. Just saying. What little cutie pies they both are. You are a proud grandparent aren't you? I know you are. Have a great WW. Big hug. :)

Lori said...

A couple of cutie pies:) Happy WW.

SandyCarlson said...

I remember those days! These are beautiful, healthy kids. God bless them.

mommanator said...

AHH, cute
In the summer my freckles meet and I have a great tan!

Travis said...

I had freckles too when I was a kid.

Askew To You said...

I'm a big fan of freckles and these two have some lovely freckles. You are a lucky Grandparent. :D

Shiela said...

it makes them more adorable :)

happy wednesday!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

There be some freckles!

Much to my mother's sadness, (she liked freckles,) I am all but completely "freckle free" as are my wife and steplings... that said, there is something tremendously endearing about a cute young freckled face!

DrillerAA said...

Sandee: Proud? No, I'm not proud. What ever gave you that idea?

Lori: Yes they are.

SandyCarlson: I had a few when I was a kid too and they disappeared by the time I was a teen.

Mommanator: That's the best kind of freckle to have.

Travis: Were you a cute as these two?

Askew: I am the luckiest of grandparents.

Shiela: These two would be adorable with or without freckles.

Matthew: Yes sir, there be some freckles.

Bond said...

OK, so the genes for their good looks comes from your wife's family...right?

storyteller said...

Ah … these are wonderful shots of your cute freckle faced grandkids! My sister's a redhead with freckles like this ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Charin said...

They are so cute! :)
Thank you for your kind words on my photography blog, your comments always make me smile :)

Amy, aka ABB said...

Hahaha, funny, Bond.

Ever play connect-the-dots with the freckles?! Looks like the grandboy is peeling as well - must be the Disney leftover!

DrillerAA said...

Bond: Actually the grandson looks like his Papa! I was a cute kid, it just didn't last through adulthood.

Storyteller: Thank you.

Charin: You are more than welcome. I truly enjoy visiting your blog.

Amy: In truth, those are little beads of perspiration on his face. The reflection may make it look like he's peeling.