Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Thoughts, I Think

It's Friday and this has been my first full week back to work since my vacation. It's been a long week. It's also the first full week in our new office building. We're finding all of the little glitches and things that need to be fixed or tweaked, and there are plenty of opportunities for tweaking. Now I know why they take ships on a "shake down" cruise before putting them into service. My office is pretty much unpacked. I'm still waiting on one bookshelf and I have a couple of pictures to hang, which I will do this morning.
This evening the grand boy will be playing T-Ball. I understand that this is a hoot to watch. He's not really quite old enough to play, but with vacations and all, the team doesn't always have enough players, so last week they asked his dad if "The Big Guy" would like to fill in. Apparently, he loves it! I'll be at the game tonight with camera and video in hand. Film at eleven....well, we have ten o'clock news here and since I don't have the software to compress video nor do I really know how to post it here, you'll have to settle for a couple of still shots.
I want to go see Wall-E. Maybe I'll take a long lunch.
I need a couple of subjects for future posts. Any suggestions? I thought about doing one on pins that I own. Z-z-z-z-z! Maybe not. How about where to find good digital photography information? That's gonna take some research. I am looking for and taking photos of vehicles for my "If You Own This Vehicle....You Might Be A Redneck" series. I was going to limit that to pick-up trucks until I found the jeep below parked outside our previous office one day.
I was going to post my weekly inspirational song here, but Blogger has changed the way that works since I was on vacation, so I'll have to figure it out later. Have a great week-end all.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Hope the big guys does well. I'm sure he'll have fun and that's the important part. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend too. Big hug. :)

Travis said...

I used to collect pins. Some people get frigde magnets or car decals or patches...I got brought home pins from vacations.

That could be a good T13.

Robin said...

Ahh drill...your posts are always great! I am going to link you to my "daughter", she's a photography major and quite good, she's getting her blog ready! I think the "you might be a redneck if..." is an awesome idea...I just got an email that would really help! I'll see if I can FWD it to you and figure out how to post it in mine...hysterical!

Thanks for the photog info...very helpful!