Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eating Out

This past week-end we had two of the grand crew. Well Friday night I them by myself and noon Saturday Nana joined us. There was a "Ladies Night Out" for the women of the church staff and my wife and daughter are both on staff. It was held at a retreat about 10 miles out of town, so I got the two younger grand daughters for the night. We had a grand time. I took them to Red Robin's for dinner. What is a Red Robin you ask? Well...This is a Red Robin!
I had one of their gourmet burgers, while the girls, true to form, ordered Mac 'n Cheese and Pizza. One the way home, I stopped and bought a half gallon of Moosetracks Ice Cream. If you're with Pawpaw, you're gonna eat GOOD!
Saturday morning I got both of the girls up and ready for Upward Basketball at the church. "Big Blue" had a nine o'clock game, while Em' was scheduled to play at noon. Nana got home before we had to leave for the second game so I just took Em' for her game.
While we were gone, Nana and Big Blue decided that the evening meal would be at Chuck-E-Cheese. Hmmm.....I don't know about this. In order to beat the crowd, we headed out about 4:30. While the place was busy, it was not packed. I gave each of the girls 25 tokes and we followed them around for about an hour while they spent their tokens. During our wandering, Nana and I decided that the food didn't look that good (maybe because it was half eaten) and that we would have Chicago style pizza at a real restaurant elsewhere. The girls redeemed their tokens and we headed off to eat some great local pizza. After dinner, we returned home, the girls took a bubble bath in the whirlpool and got ready for bed. It was a good week-end.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

We have our granddaughters this weekend too. We've not had Red Robin yet. We have meant to, but just haven't. Now looking at the burger I'm hungry. Yikes, it looks yummy.

Glad you have had a great weekend with your girls. Big hug. :)

Travis said...

I love the variety of burgers at Red Robin. And the milkshakes are pretty dang good too!

DrillerAA said...

Sandee: They have a new burger with fried Jalapeno's on it. It's wonderful.

Travis: If I hadn't planned on the ice cream later in the evening, the milkshake was definitely going to happen.

mommanator said...

ah the granddaughters are beautiful. Aren't grand children the best!

Bond said...

I have tried Red Robin and it does have some good food...

Any weekend with the crew is a good one!