Monday, March 2, 2009

Stimulate This!

Last night my bride and I sat down to do our taxes. The past two years they have been relatively easy, since I don't do work on the side anymore. I fired up the 2008 TurboTax and off we went. Less than an hour later we found out that we were getting a refund from both the federal and state returns. Since I don't live in California, I will actually be getting an negotiable check in the mail. The federal refund will go into savings. As for the state refund...I'm thinking 42" LCD television for the den/study. Maybe add a Wii & WiiFit to it just to keep the grand crew entertained and the grand parents in some sort of decent physical condition.
Since we used TurboTax, I e-filed the returns last night. The state has already confirmed receipt of the return. Now all I have to do, is mail the correct info to verify the return. I could see that state refund before the end of next week. That's what computers and the internet were supposed to be about, making our lives easier. Last year I got the state refund in 8 days and the federal refund in 10. Let's see if we can set new records this year. Oh well, I've still got time to research exactly the right television.


mommanator said...

I am SOOO jealous of you doing them already/ I just can't get motivated! and I dont do them myself, esp this year with all the changes I have had

Bond said...

Mine were done two weeks ago and my Fed return was in my account 8 days state taxes in TN

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Ours are done, but we haven't sent them yet. We pay quarterly taxes so it doesn't hurt so bad in April. We do live in California so you know the routine.

I'm glad you are getting money back. Enjoy it because that will go away at some point. We are going to have to pay the huge federal deficit at some point.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Travis said...

No state taxes for me in Washington. I usually procrastinate and do mine in April. And since I always break even, that works out pretty well.

And I say a new TV is a grand way to spend that money!

Amy, aka ABB said...

We got a Vizio HD 46' (maybe 47", 48" - whatever, at that size, who cares?!) for our Christmas present and love it. If you're going to spend the money... go for big! Love that flat screen. With the Wii, also get Mario Kart or almost anything else Mario. And extra controllers, of course!