Monday, March 24, 2008

The Grandcrew

Easter provided a few photo opportunities with the grand kids. When I started working with the pics, I decided, why not make these black and white portraits. Below are the first fruits. I will probably do several variations of each before I print them for distribution to relatives. A couple have more contrast, just for variety. At first glance, you might not believe that these four are three sisters and their little brother.


"Scooter" turned 12 Saturday. No, she's not upset about having her picture taken. Pawpaw told her to not smile for a couple of the shots.

" Em"

"Em" will be eight next month. She is way more photogenic than she thinks.

"Lexi"/"Big Blue"

There are some steel blue eyes there that can see right into your soul and melt your heart.

"The Big Guy"

Yes, he's the youngest, and he's all boy! Again, Pawpaw told him not to smile for this photo, but you can still see the michief in those dark brown eyes.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Handsome bunch of grandbabies here. I love the black and white photography. :)

Travis said...

The black and white looks great. Of course, it certainly helps to have handsome subjects.

Bond said...

Love the b/w...excellent job Pawpaw

Angie said...

Absolutely beautiful! No wonder you are such a proud papaw! Great photos, Drill.

Amy, aka ABB said...

Well, dang, you could open up a photography studio and make some money!!

BeckEye said...

They're all so cute! Love the poses.

Ornery's Wife said...

Very fun photos. It looks like you are enjoying your newly learned skills in photoshop!

Julie said...

WOW! I like this place. Gorgeous grandkids I must say!