Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Has Sprung & Soccer Is In The Air!

It's springtime in the Ozarks. My taxes are done and I've already gotten the refunds from the state and federal governments. Life is good. We've had our first serious spring rain that dumped five inches on us last week and flooded all of the creeks in the area. Last night we had our first tornado of the young season. This one got within about two miles of the house. I saw the wall cloud and rotation on my way home from work. It's pretty impressive, I must admit. Yep, it's springtime in the Ozarks alright.
Spring also ushers in soccer season for the oldest granddaughter. Truly, soccer is about the best sport for youngsters. It gets them involved in a team without the need for special skills. If they can run, they can enjoy the game. They don't have to be able to hit a ball, throw a ball, or catch a ball. They just have to be able to run. Early on, many of them don't even know the final score, and that may be the best part...they just spent time outside with other kids their own age, running up and down a field. The score was not important. When you get to under fourteen, the score becomes important. They really begin to develop the skills of the game by age ten, and at age twelve, some of the girls are very good players. Scooter is one of those.
Scooter is the jock of the three sisters. She has been playing this game since she was six and now at twelve, she's playing in an under fourteen league. She holds her own most of the time by using superior speed and quickness to get the job done. Most of the girls are bigger than Scooter, except when it comes to a passion for the game and heart. She is extremely competitive and loves soccer and basketball. She tried cheer leading for the peewee football team one year and was bored to tears. If she's not in the game, there is no point to being at the game. Scooter was not made to be a spectator, but a participant. So, for the next six to eight weeks, our Saturday mornings, and a few afternoons, will be spent at the soccer fields.

Well, it's Friday and that means a hymn to close out the week. Life presents us with endless possibilities for health, wealth, status, power, glory, and things that we are told will make us happy. The truth is, only a relationship with the one who loves us most will bring us true joy.
When it's all said and done, I'd rather have Jesus. Enjoy

I'd Rather Have Jesus - Allison Krause


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yay for spring and soccer season. Sounds like grand fun. Have a great weekend. :)

Bond said...

We were never a soccer family...Matt played fall soccer after baseball, but once they decided to have a fall baseball went bye bye...

Just watching your kid (or in your case grandkid) play in a competitive sports contest is the best...

Will be spending mucho time around the baseball diamond again this year as darlin' nancy's boys are both players

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

"Footie"!!! Being Canadian, it's still soccer to us... football has downs and helmets... anyway, it's great to hear about Scooter's love of the game!

Travis said...

That's a great action shot.

My nephew played soccer for about 8 years. He really enjoyed it and was pretty good, but eventually his interests changed.

My niece has played for two years, and she's just starting to feel the competitive part of it. We'll see how she does this season.

Best wishes for a fun and successfull season for your granddaughter.