Thursday, September 11, 2008

When All Else Fails....

When all else fails, post something about the grandcrew. I got to looking through some of the photos that I have taken this year and thought I would feature "Big Blue". I call her that because of those huge steel blue eyes. They can stare right through you or melt your heart. It all depends on her mood. Usually they melt your heart.
See what I mean. You'll notice another common feature about most of her photos, she's a "bow head". She loves dressing up and wearing bows in her hair.
See what I mean. Actually she likes wearing bows in her hair, regardless of the occasion. As indicated by my Wordless Wednesday post, she and her baby brother are "Pals for Life." It is them against the world. Last year she took a pair of scissors and cut a chunk out of her own hair. What child hasn't done that? I noticed that her little brother also appeared to have a "V" notch in his buzz cut. To this day neither will tell anyone how that happened! She will admit to cutting her own hair, but no one is talking about how The Big Guy got that stylish "V" in his head!
Big Blue is also a clown. She loves to dress up. I think Halloween may be her favorite time, because she gets to wear a costume. Most of all, Big Blue reminds us that being a kid should be fun! Her days should be filled with joy, void of worries, and pressures. There is plenty of time to grow up. There is very little time reserved for being a kid.
See what I mean!


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How fun. You have two very good looking grandbabies. I can see those piercing blue eyes alright. I can't even tell that you are proud of both of them. Not one bit. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Greatfullivin said...

What a Beautiful girl! Excellent photo work too! It is know wonder you are so proud of your grandchildren, they are precious! Have a great day, Driller!

Bond said...

What a wonderful post for today...thanks for sharing -

OH and in response to your comment earlier this week about looking up Uncle Lou's the next time you are in Memphis...You better be looking me up also!

storyteller said...

What QTies all in your last two posts (and header too). Naturally the melt you heart ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Amazing Gracie said...

Your Big Blue is a doll! It's nice that you're all so close.
My daughter #1 just moved to Piedmont, OK - outside of OK City.
Daughter #2 and I flew back to help her set up shop last month. She works at the federal prison in El Reno. Her daughter and granddaughter live in Edmond and that's one of the reasons daughter #1 transferred out there. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the countryside. And the people that waited tables and checkers in stores - WoW! What a difference from California where every one either has a chip on their shoulder or just doesn't care.

Robin said...

how absolutely, wonderfully, irrevocably precious! Looked at the last two posts. Hey Driller, swam in the deep end of your gene pool huh?!

So nice to get online, check out the people I like, and get a nice little plug of American life and values instead of political broohaha...these pics are what America is all

Love it! And guess what! I am 40 and FINALLY figured out how to get pics up on MY blog! Tee hee! The first two are not from me new camera but the rest are (it was an angry post...employee killed Lucy Lou!) Still playing with my Nikon D60 but loving it so sar!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Those are eyes that are going to break many, many hearts as they grow up!

Her days should be filled with joy, void of worries, and pressures. There is plenty of time to grow up. There is very little time reserved for being a kid.

...a perfect sentiment!

Charin said...

They are precious :)
That first picture of her is especially sweet, really shows of those big blue eyes!

Charin said...

P.S. Go McCain*Palin!