Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just What We Need


Tackling an issue sure to rouse sports fans, lawmakers pressed college football officials Friday on switching the Bowl Championship Series to a playoff, with one Texas Republican likening the current system to communism and joking it should be labeled "BS," not "BCS."

This is JUST what we need, Congress jerking around with the BCS! This is one Obama campaign promise that should have been left unkept. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of the current bowl system. If you're going to crown a national champion in any sport, there should be some sort of playoff, but the U.S. Congress is the LAST group that should be involved in establishing the rules. The results will be another 1100 page document that no one has read before they vote, it will cost eight hundred billion dollars to implement and will have Cal Poly playing Grambling for the national title. There will be money set aside to bail out schools that don't have large donors like the major schools. There will be revenue sharing to ensure that the small schools have an equal opportunity to recruit the best players and soccer, as well as Australian rules football will be included in the interest of equality. Nope, this is NOT a good idea. The system might be broken, but Congress is not the one needed to fix it.


Travis said...

You and I agree on this. The current system is not the best and I want some kind of play off.

But there's enough important work for Congress to do. They need to put their heads down and do that work, and get out of the BCS discussion.

MaineBirder said...

I second the motion that congress has stuck their nose into too much already!

The system that this sports uses does need changing.

mommanator said...

I so totally agree. Doesn't congress ahve enough on it's plate right now?????

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Un-hunh... politicians... yup... they should work on things "sport"... un-hunh... and after they're done, they can legislate how plumbers will assemble toilets.

Those that can't do, teach... those that can't teach and can't do, legislate.

Travis Erwin said...


Bond said...

Amazes me that Congress is involved in this. Does not surprise me...just amazes me.

Hey gang...get your real jobs done first...mmmmmk?